Top 10 Penny Stocks in India 2022 Below  1 Rupee

It is said about the share market that The more the risk, the more the earning.

The number of people investing in the stock market is continuously increasing. Especially now every day new investors are joining the stock market.

The main reason for this is the returns from the stock market. Some investors prefer to invest in penny stocks for good earnings.

Today we bring you a list of Top 10 Penny Stocks below 1 rupee which are trading at their 52 week low.

List Of Top 10 Penny Stocks below 1 rupee

Here's a list of TOP 10 Penny Stocks below 1 rupee trading at their 52 week lows!


Stock Name: Shalimar Productions Ltd Ticker: SHALPRO Sub-Sector: Media Market Cap: 48.23208734 Close Price: 0.49

Stock Name: MFL India Ltd Ticker: MFLINDIA Sub-Sector: Transportation and Logistics Market Cap: 28.102776 Close Price: 0.81

Stock Name: Gold Line International Finvest Ltd Ticker: GOLDLINE Sub-Sector: Investment Advisory Market Cap: 17.191845 Close Price: 0.34

Stock Name: Antarctica Ltd Ticker: ANTGRAPHIC Sub-Sector: Packaging Market Cap: 14.725912 Close Price: 1

See below the list of top 10 stocks trading at their 52 week low, which has a great earning opportunity!