Single candlestick pattern is a pattern formed from only one candlestick.

Single Candlestick Patterns Info:

The single candlestick pattern is created based on the trading action of a day and trades are taken on that basis.

The length of the candlestick tells the scope of the day, the longer the candle, the higher the trading volume.

In a single candlestick pattern, if the candlestick is short, it indicates very little trading on that day.

Let us know about the different types of single candlestick patterns.

1- Doji 2- Spinning Tops 3- Shooting Star

4- Paper umbrella     - Hammer     - Hanging man

5- Marubozu   - Bullish Marubozu   - Bearish Marubozu

In intraday trading, the deal done on the basis of single candlestick pattern can be very profitable.

You can become profitable by executing the trade by identifying the single candlestick pattern properly.