Stock of the week:

These stocks were amazing in the stock market this week! Up to 50% return given to investors in just 5 days.

The stock market was falling for five consecutive weeks amid rising interest rates, inflation, volatile global markets.

But the trend of decline broke last week and each of the benchmark indices registered a gain of three per cent.

The BSE small-cap index gained four per cent and mid-cap and large-cap indices rose three per cent each.

During this period, there were 5 stocks in the stock market which gave returns of more than 55 percent to the investors.

1- The Quint Digital Media: In the last week's 5 trading sessions, this stock jumped 54.33 percent. The stock rose from Rs 296.05 to Rs 456.90 in 5 days.

2- Nav Bharat Ventures: The stock rose from Rs 135.95 to Rs 204.85 in just 5 days. It gave a return of 50.68 per cent to the investors.

3- Gorani Industries: This stock gave a return of 46.51 percent last week. Its stock rose from Rs 90.85 to Rs 133.10 in just five days.

4- Rose Merck: Rose Merck's stock rose from Rs 5.19 to Rs 7.59 in just five days. Investors got a return of 46.24 percent from this stock.

5- Uttam Sugar: The stock of Uttam Sugar rose from Rs 216 to Rs 305.40. It gave investors a return of 41.39 per cent in just five days.

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