Know from experts how will be 2023? Will the market witnessed a major decline or remain range bound?

Stock Market Analysis 2023:

Let us tell you that according to experts, the year 2023 may be a somewhat weak year for the equity market as a whole.

Stock market experts said that we are witnessing inflation across the world, which is going to last at least for the next 6 to 12 months.

Experts further said that India may be less affected than the rest of the world, but we are seeing a slowdown in some sectors.

According to experts, if necessary steps are not taken by RBI on time, then it can spread to other sectors as well.

If market pundits are to be believed then in this year 2023 we can see further hikes in interest rates by RBI to check inflation.

The increase in interest rates by RBI will slow down the economy, which will affect the Indian stock market.

According to experts, the year 2023 can prove to be a very good year for gold, silver, and debt.

According to the recent statement RBI, the interest rate in India may be at its peak in the month of March.

According to experts, this year 2023 it is better to invest in long-maturity bonds for higher capital gains.