ISRO has released the first pictures of the Sun taken by Aditya-L1.

India's Solar Mission Aditya-L1

The world is surprised to see these grand pictures and praise India's Solar Mission.

The SUIT payload of Aditya-L1 has captured these pictures of the Sun. These pictures are in 11 different colors.

Aditya-L1's suit payload has taken all these pictures of the Sun in 200 to 400 nm wavelength.

The SUIT payload telescope has taken pictures of the sun's photosphere and chromosphere.

In these pictures, the spots, plagues, and silent parts of the sun are visible, which the scientists are surprised to see.

Now with the help of these photographs, scientists worldwide will be able to study the Sun properly.

Aditya L1 mission was launched from Satish Dhawan Space Center on September 2 to study the solar atmosphere.

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