The rule of 15*15*15 is quite famous in the investment world to become a millionaire quickly.

Best sip plans to become a millionaire

Many people think that to become a millionaire one has to invest a lot of money but in reality, it is not so.

Let me tell you that you can easily become a millionaire by saving some money from your salary every month.

In the current world of investment, by following the rule of 15*15*15, you can easily create a fund of one crore in the long term.

Under the rule of 15*15*15, Rs 15,000 is invested every month for 15 years in a mutual fund scheme that gives 15% returns.

Due to the compound interest available under the 15*15*15 rule, a fund of one crore is easily prepared.

Let us tell you that many stocks and mutual funds give returns of 15 percent and above in the long term.

Following the 15*15*15 investment rule, if you invest Rs 15,000 every month at 15% per annum for 15 years, then...

After 15 years you will get Rs 1,00,27,601. Your investment will be Rs 27 lakh and interest will be Rs 73 lakh.

Through SIP, the investor becomes disciplined and invests every month in creating a huge fund in the long term.