Shares price of SAIL:

There was a huge jump in the stock of SAIL, signs of further growth, know what are the targets of SAIL?

On Friday, July 29, a breakout was recorded in SAIL's stock with a gain of more than 4% during early trading.

The volume recorded by the steel authority of India shares on Friday was 4,12,24,551 which shows good buying.

At the end of the last trading day, the share price of sail closed at Rs 77.20 with a gain of 4.61%.

SAIL stock is currently up almost 20% from its recent swing low of Rs 63.60 indicating strong buying interest.

The sail share price has crossed the 23.8% retracement level of its previous downtrend. It has shown recovery from lower levels.

All technical parameters are also indicating strength in SAIL's stock. The 14-period daily RSI (58.70) is pointing up.

According to stock market experts, this stock is technically bullish and it is expected to rise in the coming times.

According to experts, this stock can touch the level of Rs 83. In the medium term, it can go up to Rs 90 level.

Steel Authority of India Limited Mkt cap: 31.87TCr 52-wk high: 145.90 52-wk low: 63.60 Volume: 4,12,24,551