Hindenburg's report has created an outcry in the shares of Gautam Adani Group.

SEBI Action on Adani Group :

After the Hindenburg Report, SEBI has now intensified the investigation of Adani Group's recent deals.

The Hindenburg Research report claimed that the Adani Group has been involved in stock manipulation and account fraud for decades.

After this news, the market cap of Adani Group has fallen from Rs 19.4 lakh crore to Rs 15.30 lakh crore.

After the Hindenburg report, now the market regulator SEBI (SEBI) has intensified the investigation of the recent deals of the Adani Group.

Due to the selling of shares in the last 2 sessions, more than 4 lakh crores of the investors of the group have been drowned.

According to the latest media news, SEBI has asked Adani Group for details of SPV used in the 'Adani-Holcim deal'.

Market regulator SEBI has intensified the investigation of all the deals done by the Adani Group in the last year.

SEBI has already speeded up the investigation of all the recent transactions done by the Adani Group.

After the Hindenburg report, the stock of Adani Enterprises fell by 20 percent to reach Rs 2721 today.