Let us know why the State Bank of India (SBI) has issued such a warning to its customers.

SBI Latest Big News:

Let us tell you that this whole matter is related to the wrong transaction of a customer of State Bank.

A customer had lodged a complaint tagging SBI's Twitter account regarding the wrong transaction done from the account.

The complainant also shared important information related to his bank in the complaint lodged on Twitter.

Regarding this matter, SBI has warned all its customers that they should not share their bank-related information anywhere.

SBI said that under no circumstances share bank and other financial information on public platforms like social media.

The Bank will not be responsible for any kind of fraud caused due to sharing of your banking and financial details on any public platform.

SBI said that if you want to complain on Twitter, then we suggest that you contact us through DM.

Keep in mind that while registering a complaint on social media, never share any kind of confidential information related to your bank account.

This warning of the country's largest bank to its customers is very important. Therefore the customer should refrain from doing so.