Ruchi Soya Shares: Ruchi Soya FPO listed at Rs 855 with 30% premium, Investors got bumper returns. how?

Ruchi Soya Share Listing: The new shares issued by Ruchi Soya through Follow on Public Offer (FPO) were listed at a price of Rs 855.

The listing of Follow on Public Offer (FPO) of Baba Ramdev-owned company Ruchi Soya has been done in the stock market today.

On April 8, as soon as the new shares of Ruchi Soya are listed in the stock market, it has given bumper returns to the investors.

Shares of Ruchi Soya were listed at a price of Rs 855 through FPO. Although its price was fixed at Rs 650 per share.

Investors got tremendous returns from the listing of new shares of Ruchi Soya through Ruchi Soya FPO.

The new stock of Ruchi Soya has given strong returns to investors with a premium listing of 30 per cent.

According to the news of the stock market, after the listing, the price of new shares of Ruchi Soya has risen up to 8 percent.

After listing on BSE, Ruchi Soya share price went up to the level of 882.55 and gave a return of 7.77 percent.

Before listing, Ruchi Soya had informed the stock exchange that 6,61,53,846 shares have been allotted to the investors.

Let us tell you that Ruchi Soya is owned by Patanjali Ayurved, the company of Baba Ramdev.