Know Why are Reddit pages going offline from today for 48 hours? 

Reddit Blackout Latest news:

From June 12 to June 14, Many of Reddit communities are going dark to protest planned API changes.

According to Reddit communities, API changes would essentially kill off many third-party applications.

Many of Reddit’s most popular subreddits are currently not available as some users go on a 48-hour blackout period.

According to reports, over 7,000 communities have promised to go dark. 

Out of 7,000 communities, nearly 5,500 subreddits have already gone dark.

Some subreddits have said that they will remain offline until the planned changes are revised or withdrawn.

On April 18, Reddit announced that it was updating its API terms to include charging developers for API access.

Until now, Reddit has offered free access to its API. The new API charges will be effective from July 1, 2023.

Reddit’s CEO Steve Huffman said, “More than any other place on the internet, Reddit is a home for authentic conversation”.

Huffman said, “Crawling Reddit, generating value, and not returning any of that value to our users is something we have a problem with”.

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