Learn what a is Pig Butchering Scam. Many people are becoming victims of this scam.

Pig Butchering Scam:

Pig Butchering Scams are spreading rapidly in India and have cost thousands of crores of rupees.

Pig Butchering Scam is nothing but a new form of financial scam whose cases are increasing rapidly.

In these cyber scams, the scammer traps you by talking like your friend or romantic partner.

These scammers extort money from people by luring them into their words. As soon as the scammer receives the money, he disappears.

Such scams are called pig butchering scams because the pig is pampered before it is slaughtered.

In Pig Butchering Scams, people get trapped in high-return investment schemes and crypto investments.

According to brokerage firm Zerodha, the way many people are becoming victims of these scams is very scary.

Nitin Kamat, founder and CEO of brokerage firm Zerodha, has shared a lot of information about this scam on Twitter.

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