Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has indicated a tremendous decline.

Petrol & diesel prices latest update

For the last several years, the prices of petrol and diesel are continuously increasing in India.

There was no change in the rate due to the continuous fall in the price of crude for about 10 months.

For the last 8 months, oil companies are taking benefit of the fall in the price of crude and the general public did not get any relief.

Let us tell you that the central government is now preparing to bring petrol and diesel under the ambit of GST.

According to experts, there will be a big drop in the price of petrol and diesel after coming under the ambit of GST.

In the coming days, the price of petrol may fall by more than Rs 18 and diesel by more than Rs 11.

Current price of petrol in Delhi: Rs 96.72/liter Petrol price after GST: Rs 78.22/liter Deduction: Rs 18.50/liter

Current diesel price in Delhi: Rs 89.62/liter Diesel price after GST: Rs 77.7/liter Deduction: Rs 11.92/liter

Let us tell you that this issue will be discussed in the GST Council and this will be possible only if the states agree.