Multibagger stocks for 2022:

The stock of Divis Labs has been a very strong return stock over the long term.

The share of Divis Labs stood at just Rs 9.04 on BSE on March 13, 2003, while today it closed at Rs 3,538.05.

During these 19 years, the share price of Divis Lab has seen an increase of about 39,037.72 percent.

Divis Lab shares made Rs 1 lakh of investors to 4 crores! It has given tremendous returns over the years.

In 5 years, the stock of Divis Lab has made investors' money almost 5 times. It has given a 396.08 percent return during this period.

It has been falling for the last year. Its 52-week high is Rs 5,425.00 and its low is Rs 3,365.10.

Divis Labs is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company. Its current market cap is Rs 93,924.11 crore.

It synthesizes generic APIs, manufacturers, and customs intermediates. The company was started in 1990.

Divi's Laboratories Ltd Stock Details: Mkt cap: 95.28TCr P/E ratio: 30.69 Div yield: 0.84% 52-wk high: 5,425.10 52-wk low: 3,365.55