Bad News For Paytm Share Holders!

Paytm Share Big Fall Possibility on Monday After RBI Bans Paytm Payments Bank!

Last year's IPO of Paytm was the most talked and popular IPO of India. Investors had high hopes from Paytm IPO.

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Let us tell you that in terms of the amount of discussion and popularity about Paytm's IPO, it was very dull for investors.

Meanwhile, a news has come to the fore, due to which the alarm bell has been rung for the investors of Paytm Share. Due to this news, there can be a big drop in Paytm Share on Monday.

What is bad News for Paytm?

This news from the Reserve Bank Of India has shocked the investors of Paytm.

The Reserve Bank of India has given a big blow to Paytm Payments Bank. RBI has banned Paytm Payments Bank from adding new customers.

The Reserve Bank has directed that Paytm Payments Bank appoint an IT audit team to conduct a comprehensive system audit of its IT systems.

The Reserve Bank has clearly said that the next decision regarding Paytm Payments Bank will be taken only after reviewing the report of IT auditors.

This news of RBI ban has raised alarm bells for investors in Paytm stock. Due to this news, there can be a Big Fall in Paytm Share on Monday.

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