Let us know the complete details of this study on Obesity in Pregnancy.

Obesity in Pregnancy:

The study included 71 women, of whom 52 were obese and 38 developed gestational diabetes.

According to this study published in The Journal of Physiology, excess weight during pregnancy changes the structure of the placenta.

According to this study, changes in the structure of the placenta cause problems in the nutrition of the child.

Because of this the ability to exchange nutrients between the mother and the child decreases, which is very dangerous.

Let us tell you that the placenta is an important organ that nourishes the baby in the mother's womb.

Excessive obesity during pregnancy is a major cause of diabetes and poor glucose which leads to fetal complications.

According to Professor Matzila from the University of Cape Town, this study shows how these placenta changes may explain the complications.

Obesity and gestational diabetes both affect placental hormone production and inflammatory markers, according to this study

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