New Labor Code Details:

Modi government is soon going to give a big gift to the employees through New Labor Codes.

The central government plans to implement these four new labor codes in a phased manner within a few months.

According to reports, the government may first implement the code related to salary and code related to social security.

The other two codes, the Code on Industrial Relations and the other on job-specific safety, health and workplace conditions (OSH).

There is no fixed date for when the new labor codes will be implemented by the government.

PM Modi had said that work from home ecosystem, flexible work places and flexible working hours are the needs of the future.

The PM said, "You are also seeing the way the nature of jobs is changing with the changing times.

He said that the world is changing rapidly and to take advantage of it, we also have to prepare at the same pace.

Under the new rule, employees will get three days off in a week. Working days can be reduced from five to four in a week.

But the daily working hours of the employees will increase. Now one has to work 48 hours in a week.

The employees have been waiting for the implementation of these 4 labor codes for a long time.