Investors whose Aadhaar is not linked to PAN may have difficulty in doing transactions.

Aadhaar-Pan Link Deadline:

CBDT had issued a circular stating that if the PAN and Aadhaar number are not linked then the PAN card will not be valid.

SEBI has asked investors to link their Aadhaar-PAN. SEBI has advised linking Aadhaar and PAN before the last date. 

 Prior to 31 March, the market regulator SEBI asked all stock market investors to link their Aadhaar-Pan Link.

SEBI said that those investors who do not link Aadhaar-Pain, to their accounts will be considered non-KYC.

Investors who are not linking their Aadhaar card to their PAN card may have difficulty in transacting in the market.

 If you do not link your Aadhaar to your PAN from 31 March 2023, you can also suffer the consequences under the Income Tax Act 1961.

Let us know that PAN is an identification number for all transactions in the stock market which is a part of KYC.

Under the provision of the Income Tax Act 1961 of the Government of India, it is necessary to link PAN-Aadhaar to all people.