Tanla Platforms turned investors' investment of Rs 10,000 into Rs 16 lakh.

Tanla Platforms share returns:

Shares of IT company Tanla Platforms have given huge returns to their investors in the last ten years.

Shares of Tanla Platforms have rallied over 16,000 percent in the last ten years.

Ten years ago, if an investor had invested Rs 10,000 in the company, today his investment would have been worth Rs 16 lakh.

Shares of Tanla Platforms have gained 1,620 percent in the last five years and 1,263 percent in the last three years.

Company's Shareholding Pattern: Public Shareholding: 55.83 percent The promoters' stake is 44.17 percent.

Tanla Platforms is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE 500). Its market cap is Rs 9,049 crore.

Tanla Platforms Stock Details: P/E ratio: 19.67 Dividend yield: 0.29% 52-week high: 1,510.00 52-week low: 493.00

Tanla Platforms provides computer software development as well as messaging, voice, and other cloud communication solutions.