Reliance Industries Market Cap

The market cap of the country's most valuable company, Reliance Industries, has crossed Rs 19 lakh crore.

Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Industries, the second largest rich in India and Asia after Gautam Adani, today became a bigger company than PepsiCo and Toyota.

Reliance's stock reached an all-time high today due to the news of the market cap of Reliance Industries reaching 19 lakh crores.

Reliance has become the first company in the country to achieve the market capitalization of Rs 19 lakh crore.

Despite the fall in the Indian stock market, Reliance's stock rose two percent. It reached its all-time high of Rs 2,827.10.

With the stock of Reliance Industries closing at Rs 2,775.70 on Tuesday, its market cap reached Rs 19,03,658.88 crore.

Reliance Industries on Tuesday entered into an agreement with Abu Dhabi Chemicals derivatives company RSC (Tajiz).

After the agreement of Reliance Industries and RSC (Tajij), there was a tremendous jump in the shares of Reliance Industries.

Reliance has left behind China's bank ICBC, American beverage giant PepsiCo, Japanese auto company Toyota and giant media company Disney.

Mukesh Ambani remains at number nine in the list of the world's rich with a net worth of $ 102 billion.