Cris Lencioni in ICU after cardiac arrest. Know how is his current health now?

Cris Lencioni health News:

Lencioni's family said that Cris Lencioni suffered a medical incident on June 8 and he is still hospitalized.

The family of Cris Lencioni is hoping to raise funds to support him during this difficult time.

Lencioni suffered a cardiac arrest on June 8 which was completely unexpected as he is only 28 years old.

Lencioni is in peak physical condition and is currently in the ICU fighting his biggest fight.

Cris's family said, "We believe in the goodness of God, and we don't know anyone with more will, strength, and determination than Cris.

He added, "Crisis has already achieved a lot in his life, and we have faith in his ability to overcome any obstacle.

"Chris has made a significant impact on the people in his life and community. He is quite the character, quick to tease and joke.

Chris is always light and full of life, he is a natural entertainer, and his MMA persona makes him great fun to watch.