I am Groot Released:

The Marvel Comic Universe (MCU) released its animated web series I am Groot on August 10.

Disney and Marvel Studios' new series 'I am Groot' has been released Today on Disney+ Hotstar.

Fans are very happy after seeing Baby Groot in this series. Groot is a tree that behaves towards humans.

I Am Groot is a Comedy Mini Web Series that is Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Today the whole world is addicted to MCU.

Groot, a tree that behaves like a human and is a member of the Guardian of the Galaxy.

Baby Groot destroys the enemy when he gets angry, but when he stays calm he becomes the cutest thing.

Groot has only one dialogue in which he speaks in joy, sorrow, excitement, and anger. That's 'I am Groot'

Kids are more like watching this mini-series than adults. Although MCU fans will never want to miss I am Groot.

Released on Disney + Hotstar, 'I'm Groot' has short stories that people finished watching in half an hour.

A character named Groot has appeared in many Marvel movies. In such a situation, now Marvel has prepared a complete series of it.