Scientists around the world are dreaming of human settlement on the red planet Mars.

Mars Planet Latest News:

This research has shown that humans had habitable life on Mars before it was ruined by climate change.

This theory, published in Nature Astronomy, studied the microorganisms that lived on Mars billions of years ago.

Billions of years ago the red planet Mars had an atmosphere similar to that of our present-day Earth.

Scientists believe that the life of organisms on Mars ended due to the changing of the planet's atmosphere.

The study found that the reason for the extinction on Mars was its gas composition and distance from the Sun.

Scientists all over the world believe that life in the universe regularly appears and gets destroyed.

The famous astrophysicist Boris Souter said that the elements of life are present everywhere in the universe.

Scientists around the world are conducting exploration missions to Mars, including sending satellites and rovers.

SpaceX is also dreaming of sending humans to Mars, which is owned by the world's richest man Elon Musk.