Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has launched a WhatsApp service number for its customers.

LIC's Whatsapp Service Details:

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) has started WhatsApp service for all LIC policy holders from 1 December.

LIC Chairperson M. R. Kumar tweeted and informed about the launch of this LIC WhatsApp helpline number.

With LIC's WhatsApp helpline number service, the insured will not have to visit the LIC office for work.

With the LIC Whatsapp service, even LIC agents will not have to visit the LIC office again and again for their work.

LIC policyholders will quickly get all the information related to their policy with the help of WhatsApp.

To take advantage of LIC's WhatsApp service, you have to send Hi to the mobile number issued by LIC on 8976862090.

Let us tell you that through LIC's WhatsApp service, the insured can avail of the 11 services mentioned below.

1- Premium due 2- Bonus Information 3- Policy Status 4- Loan Eligibility Quotation 5- Loan repayment quotation 6- Loan Interest Due

7- Premium paid certificate 8- ULIP - Statement of Units 9- LIC Service Links 10- Opt-In/Opt-Out Services 11- End Conversation

On Thursday, December 1st, LIC India Chairman M.R. Kumar launched this New LIC Whatsapp service Number.