Best Small Business Idea:

Today we will talk about the evergreen soft toys and teddy bear-making business.

If you are thinking of starting a business, then after doing this business you can get a better profit.

After doing soft toys and teddy bear making business, you can earn good money and its demand is always there in the market.

To start this business, first of all, you will need a hand-operated cloth cutting machine. Which will be available for 10-15 thousand rupees.

Secondly, you will need an industrial-type stitching machine, you will get it in the market for 15-20 thousand rupees.

For soft toys and teddy bear-making business, you will need raw materials which you will get for 10 thousand.

In the raw material, you will need things like cloth or ready-made skin, plastic fiber cotton, eye buttons etc.

In this way, you will need an initial investment of 30-40 thousand rupees to start this business.

It is very easy to make soft toys and teddy bears. You will find many videos on youtube from which you can learn how to make them.

You can earn  1 lakh rupees a month from this business. Many people are doing this business for many years.