Johnson & Johnson:

Johnson & Johnson has decided to stop the sale of this powder worldwide in the year 2023.

Two years ago Johnson & Johnson ceased sales of this powder in the US after thousands of customers filed lawsuits.

Several women claimed to have developed ovarian cancer after using Johnson & Johnson's talc-based baby powder.

American regulators also claimed that they found cancer-causing ingredients in the company's baby powder.

Let us tell you that the talc used in Johnson & Johnson's baby powder is the softest mineral in the world.

Talc is used in many industries including paper, plastics, and pharmaceuticals. It is also used in personal hygiene.

According to experts, sometimes asbestos is mixed with talc, which can cause cancer in the human body.

Johnson & Johnson has consistently denied these allegations. The company believes that its product is safe.

The company says scientific testing and regulatory approvals have shown its talc to be safe and asbestos free.

The company said that it will sell cornstarch-based baby powder worldwide instead of talc-based baby powder.