co-founder and former CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey introduced the Bluesky app for Android users.

Bluesky App Launched for Android

The BlueSky app will work as an alternative to Twitter, in which users will get features similar to Twitter.

The BlueSky App aims to provide users with an algorithmic choice and the ability to track likes or bookmarks.

The BlueSky app includes basic tools for editing tweets, quote-tweeting, DM's, using hashtags, and more.

BlueSky provides a user-friendly interface, where you can create a post of up to 256 characters.

You can include photos with letters by clicking on the plus button to create a post in BlueSky.

According to the report, BlueSky has been installed 2,40,000 times on iOS, which is a 39 percent increase from March.

Recently, Twitter removed the blue tick from the accounts of many people ranging from celebrities to political parties.

Twitter's new Boss Elon Musk has also removed the blue tick from its former CEO Jack Dorsey's Twitter account.

After leaving Twitter, Dorsey talked about BlueSky. BlueSky received $13 million in funding last year with Dorsey on its board.