Italy has banned ChatGPT citing user privacy concerns. Know the latest news update.

Italy banned ChatGPT:

Currently, OpenAI's artificial intelligence chatbot 'ChatGPT' is being discussed all over the world.

Italy's data security agency has announced that the system will collect personal information about its users.

Officials from Italy's data security agency said the service would be blocked and investigated for lack of proper legal basis.

After Italy decided to ban ChatGPT, questions are now being raised about the future of AI services in Europe.

In addition to concerns over user privacy, Italy has accused ChatGPT of failing to verify users' ages.

This step has been taken by Italy after the criticisms made against ChatGPT and OpenAI's developed built-in AI system.

Data experts demanded an immediate halt to the training of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4 in all AI laboratories for at least 6 months.

Recently, experts from many other countries, realizing the danger of privacy, demanded to stop the development of new AI tools.