OpenAI allows users to ask questions using their voice and get human-like responses.

Enable ChatGPT voice chat on a desktop

ChatGPT rolling out new voice and image capabilities to the chatbot. Follow the given steps to enable ChatGPT voice chat on the desktop.

Install the ChatGPT Voice Control extension (VoiceWave) from your browser's Web Store.

Step 1:-

Now Go to the official website "" and log in. If you are a new user, create an account.

Step 2:-

After logging in to the website, Click the Microphone button beneath the input field.

Step 3:-

Another way is to press and hold the Spacebar on your keyboard.

Step 4:-

Accept access to the microphone when prompted and Start talking.

Step 5:-

Now You can use voice commands to give ChatGPT more specific instructions for your personal or business needs. 

How to enable ChatGPT voice chat on mobile (Android or iPhone) features.