To delete your Instagram account permanently or temporarily, you can follow these steps.

Steps to Delete Instagram Account

If you're not logged in, open the Instagram App and log in to your Instagram account.

Step 1:-

Now Access your profile by clicking your profile picture.

Step 2:-

Go to "Settings" from the top-right menu.

Step 3:-

Scroll down and select "Account." Option from the top-right menu.

Step 4:-

Now Click on the "Delete Your Account." button

Step 5:-

Select a reason from the dropdown menu, Why do you want to delete your Instagram Account?

Step 6:-

Now it will ask you for the password once again. Re-enter your password for confirmation.

Step 7:-

If you want to close your account forever then Click "Permanently delete my account."

Step 8:-

Please note that this action is irreversible, and your data is retained for 30 days before permanent deletion.

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