Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman reduced tax on these items in GST!

GST Council Meeting 2023 Live

After the meeting of the GST Council, the Finance Minister informed about the decisions in a press conference.

1- Giving great relief to the students giving competitive exams, GST will no longer be levied on National Taxing Essays.

2- Now GST will not be applicable to the examination fees. 18% GST is applicable on the first exam fee.

3- In the GST Council meeting, the GST rate has been cut on Raab (Liquid Jaggery) and Pencil sharpener.

4- The Finance Minister said that the GST Council has postponed the decision to tax AUVs (MUBs) on the lines of SUVs.

5- Changes were made in the taxation system to prevent tax evasion. Earlier, Ad Valorem Tax was imposed on production.

6- Finance Minister told that now GST will be levied on Pan Masala and Gutkha according to the production.

7- Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that coarse cereals will be considered in the next meeting of the GST Council.

According to the Finance Minister, a total compensation of 16982 crores will be given to all the states so far.