Amidst the fall in global markets, gold rates also declined this week.

The gold rate this week:

Let us tell you that at the beginning of February this year, gold had made its all-time high level.

Gold has become very cheap this month from its all-time high. Let us know how was the performance of gold last week.

The rate of 24-carat gold had closed at the level of Rs 57038 per 10 grams on Friday of last week.

On Monday of the last week, the rate of 24-carat gold was at the level of Rs 57455 per 10 grams.

In this way, during the last one week, only, a decline of Rs 417 per ten grams was recorded in the rate of gold.

The gold rate had gone up to its all-time high of Rs 58882 per ten grams on February 2, 2023.

Let us tell you that at present gold is selling cheaper by Rs 1,844 per 10 grams than its all-time high.

Silver made its all-time high of 75,000 in April 2011, which is currently trading at Rs 8,260 below its all-time high.