Adani Data Networks LTD 

Adani Group's entry into the telecom sector through Dani Data Networks. 

Gautam Adani, the biggest rich in Asia and India, is now ready to create a stir in the telecom sector as well.

Adani Group is participating in the 5G auction through Adani Data Networks, a subsidiary of Adani Group.

Adani Data Networks' net worth is Rs 248.35 crore. It is a wholly owned company of Adani Enterprises Limited.

According to the information given before the 5G auction, the net worth of Adani Enterprises Limited is Rs 4730.66 crore.

According to the data till 2022, the total net worth of Vodafone India is Rs 80,918 crore in the negative.

Whereas Bharti Airtel has a net worth of Rs 75,886.8 crore with a paid-up capital of Rs 2,795 crore.

Reliance Jio Infocomm has a net worth of Rs 197790 crores and a paid-up capital of Rs 15,4125 crores.

Adani Data Networks says that the company is participating in the 5G auction for its own use only.

But if experts are to be believed, Adani Group can also enter consumer mobility in the coming time.