Federal reserve interest rate:

The US Federal Reserve Bank meeting is scheduled for July 26-27. All eyes will be on this meeting.

Last time the Fed raised interest rates by 75 basis points. This time too aggressive rate hike is being anticipated.

Amidst high inflation in America, the US Fed can increase the interest rate by 0.75 percent or 75 basis points.

According to a survey of economists, after this decision, the possibility of a recession will increase by 40%.

Inflation did not come down even after the last rate hike and in June inflation in the US reached 9.1 percent, a 40-year high.

This time also the Fed can adopt an aggressive policy. It is estimated that interest rates will increase by 75 basis points.

The aggressive 75 basis point interest rate hike by the Fed last month was the biggest rate hike since 1994.

Let us tell you that after this rate hike, the interest repo rate in America will reach 2.25-2.50 percent.

According to experts, all the central banks of the world will also take steps after seeing the move of the US Fed.