Features of INS Vikrant:

30 fighter jet deployment capability, equipped with dangerous weapons; Such is the aircraft carrier INS Vikrant of India.

Four times more iron and steel than the weight of the Eiffel Tower in France have been used to build INS Vikrant.

The weight of INS Vikrant is 45000 tonnes. Its length is 262 meters, width is 62 meters and height is 59 meters.

The construction of INS Vikrant started in the year 2009. It joined the Navy after a long wait of 13 years.

Prime Minister Modi on Friday dedicated the INS Vikrant aircraft carrier to the Navy at the Cochin Shipyard.

Describing the merits of INS Vikrant, PM Modi said that the aircraft carrier equipped with powers is like a floating fort in the sea.

After the Indian Navy gets the gift of INS Vikrant, India will have a total of two aircraft carriers.

INS Vikrant, built in India itself at a cost of about Rs 20,000 crore, is the largest ship in the country's maritime history so far.

Its five decks are also equal to two football grounds, it has enough wires and cables to reach Kashi from Kochi.