Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Economic Survey in Parliament today.

Economic Survey 2023:

According to the Economic Survey, the GDP growth rate in the financial year 2023-24 could be 6-6.8 percent.

According to the Economic Survey, credit growth is likely to pick up in 2023-24 on falling inflation and rising real cost of credit.

If the current account deficit widens further, the rupee may come under pressure. The rupee is performing better than other currencies.

Capital expenditure for road transport and highways stood at Rs 1.49 lakh crore from April to November in the financial year 2022-23.

The Economic Survey said the CAD is likely to widen further as global commodity prices remain elevated.

India's demographic dividend and annual nominal GDP growth rate are expected to average around 10% to 12% in the coming years.

Before the economic survey 2023, President of india Draupadi Murmu addressed both Houses of Parliament.

She said that we have to build an India which is self-reliant. In which there is no poverty and is financially strong.