In the US Congressional elections, there is a close contest between the Republican and Democratic parties.

2022 US Midterm Elections Result

The counting of votes for the US midterm elections continues. The winning party in this election will control the US Congress.

Donald Trump's party Republicans are leading in the House of Representatives with a margin of 209-191.

The contest is going on in the Senate with a slight difference of 49-48 between Republicans and Democrats.

Abortion laws and the economy are issues that proved to be detrimental to the Democratic Party in this election.

Let us tell you that the Republicans had predicted a 'unilateral victory' on the result of the US Midterm Elections 2022.

Many leaders predicted that Donald Trump might declare himself the Republican nominee in the 2024 presidential election.

On Wednesday, Trump said that in some ways the outcome of this election was disappointing, he expected a huge victory.

The main reason for the poor performance of Biden's Democratic Party is the highest inflation in four decades.

If Democrats lose in the House or Senate, Republicans could block their plans from going forward in the future.

Let us tell you that the results of this mid-term election will decide the future of the US Presidential election.