Let us know what is the latest price of the top 5 cryptocurrencies including dogecoin.

Big Hike in Dogecoin:

1- Dogecoin The rate of Dogecoin is running at $ 0.07829810 on CoinDesk. By the time this news was written, it was 6.70 percent.

Dogecoin price during the last twenty-four hours: Maximum price 0.07 dollars Minimum Price $ 0.07

From the beginning of 2022 this year, Dogecoin Cryptocurrency has given a negative return of 54.19 percent.

Let us tell you that the all-time high price of Dogecoin Cryptocurrency has been $ 0.740796.

2- Bitcoin: Bitcoin Crypto's rate on the CoinDesk is running at $ 16,849.01. Today, Bitcoin is 0.22 percent rose.

3- Ethereum: Ethereum Crypto's rate on Quindesk is running at $ 1,222.12. Today Ethereum is up 0.94 percent.

4- XRP: The rate of XRP Cryptocurrency on CoinDesk is running at $ 0.34866051 today. XRP is up 1.22 percent.

5- Cardano: The rate of Cardano Cryptocurrency is running at $ 0.25950000 on the CoinDesk today. Cardano is up 3.28 per cent.

Let us tell you that at this time the market cap of Dogecoin Cryptocurrency is $ 10.75 billion.