After the banking crisis in America, now the financial condition of Germany's biggest bank worsens.

Deutsche Bank Stock Price Today:

The banking crisis that started in America is now gradually engulfing the banking system of Europe.

The financial condition of Germany's largest bank Deutsche Bank has also worsened.

Amidst the uncertainty regarding the banking system, there was a tremendous sell-off in the shares of Deutsche Bank.

On Friday, a big decline of about 8 percent has been registered in the stock price of Deutsche Bank.

In the last month, the shares of Deutsche Bank have seen a huge decline of about 24 percent.

The main reason for this decline is the increase in the cost of banks' credit-default swap insurance by several folds.

The increase in Deutsche Bank's credit-default swap insurance costs fueled investor distrust, triggering the sell-off.

Deutsche Bank has total assets of $1.4 trillion. The bank had a total profit of $ 6 billion in the year 2022.

Germany's Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said that Europe's banking system is completely safe amid reports of the Deutsche Bank crisis.