To combat inflation, the US Federal has increased the interest rates once again. Know the current fed rate.

Fed Rate Hikes:

America's Central Bank Fed Reserve has increased interest rates for the 10th consecutive time.

After this increase, now the interest rate in America has increased to the highest level in 16 years.

After the policy meeting, the Federal Reserve this time also increased the interest rates by 25 basis points.

The banking crisis in the US continues to deepen. Many banks are sinking one after the other in America.

The rate at which the US Federal has increased the interest rates has broken the record of 43 years in America.

Interest rates in the US have reached their 16-year high label. After the latest hike, the interest rate has increased to 5.25%.

The US banking system has reached the brink of collapse due to ever-increasing interest rates.

Inflation is continuously increasing in America. To control inflation, increasing the rate has become the compulsion of the Fed.