Let us know how dangerous this new variant of Corona is and what is the opinion of experts on it.

Corona XBB15 Updates in USA:

American virologist Eric Feigel Ding has warned the whole world about the new sub-variant XBB15 of Omicron.

According to Eric, this variant is more immune than BQ and XBB variants and is spreading rapidly.

Many health experts believe that we may see many more new variants of Corona in the near future.

Sharing unpublished data, Eric said that the infection of this variant in America has increased to 40 percent.

According to Eric, patients infected with the XBB15 variant are increasingly being admitted to hospitals in New York.

Experts believe that the transmission rate and R-value of XBB15 are more dangerous than the previous variants.

According to the new data, the transmission rate of the XBB15 variant has increased from 108% to 120%.

According to experts, the infection in America is very high, but the American CDC has been hiding the data for a long time.

The XBB15 variant was first detected in New York in October, and since then cases have been on the rise.

There is no authentic information about whether the vaccine will be effective on the XBB15 variant or not.