There are two ways to apply for this federal and state health insurance program. 

How to Apply for Medicaid in 2023?

1- Contact your state Medicaid agency where you are applying for benefits. Applicant must be a resident of the state. 

2- Through the Health Insurance Marketplace: - Create an account - If You Already have an account Log in and Fill out the application.

1- Application Filling and Submission. 2- A financial review to determine your eligibility.

Application Process

3- An individualized care assessment to determine your functional competency.

1- Visit your local HCS office to get a Health Application for Medicaid.

Steps to Apply for Medicaid:

2- Medicaid Application form can also be downloaded from the Health Care Authority website ""

3- All residents can apply for institutional Medicaid through the federal and state Health Care Authority website. 

To apply online for cash, basic food benefits, and long-term care, you may go to Washington Connections. 

You need to provide documents like A Social Security number, citizenship, identification, and income Proof.