LIC IPO Premium Big Fall

Let us know how much this premium is left in the gray market at this time and what is it indicating.

The last date to invest in LIC IPO has ended on May 9, now investors are waiting for the share allotment.

Whenever an IPO comes in the market in our country, its business starts in the gray market from the very first day.

The day LIC IPO was open for investment, LIC IPO business was running at a premium in the gray market.

LIC's IPO opened for retail investors on 4th May 2022 and since then its premium has been going down continuously.

At present, the latest premium of LIC IPO in the gray market has come down to Rs 10 at the time of writing this post.

On May 9, the last date to invest in LIC IPO, the premium for gray market LIC IPO had come down to Rs 40.

When it opened for retail investors on 4th May 2022, the premium of LIC IPO was at the highest levels in the market at Rs 105.

If experts are to be believed, LIC's IPO may have a flat listing or may also be listed with a slight decline.

According to the data, about 40 lakh new demat accounts have been opened in the country for LIC IPO alone.