Let us know the best mutual funds in India, from which you can create a fund of 50 lakhs in 5 years.

Mutual Fund SIP Plan 2023:

Nowadays the trend of investing in mutual funds through SIP has increased. This is an easy and useful way of saving.

Investing through SIP in the long term is a good way to grow your wealth. With SIP investment, you can create a good fund.

The beauty of SIP is that you can increase or decrease your investment depending on the market conditions.

If you are ignorant about the stock market and do not want to take risks then you can invest through a mutual fund SIP.

If you have a target of earning 50 lakh rupees in 5 years, then know in which SIP plan you will have to invest.

For better returns in mutual funds, you have to invest in Flexi cap funds or multi-cap funds.

Generally, Flexi cap funds or a multi-cap fund would give a 15% annual return which is considered very good.

If you want to raise a fund of Rs 50 lakh in 5 years, then you will have to do a monthly SIP of Rs 55,750 in these funds.

Last year's return: HDFC Flexi Cap Fund: 19.40 percent Nippon India Multicap Fund: 15.90 percent

Both these funds have been performing consistently over the years. His asset diversification and investment strategy are excellent.