There are about 36000 crore rupees in banks, which have no claimants.

Banks Unclaimed Deposits 2023:

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman recently said in the meeting of the Financial Stability and Development Council.

The Finance Minister said that the regulators should run a campaign for the settlement of unclaimed amounts.

Now the government is preparing to take a big step regarding the amount of about 36000 crores lying unclaimed in the banks.

These are account holders who no longer wish to use their current or savings accounts or forget to close them.

There are some people who keep the FD deposited in the bank account without informing the bank.

There are mostly cases where the account holder has died and the nominee or heir cannot claim the amount deposited in the bank.

About 36 thousand crore rupees in unclaimed deposits in the country were handed over by the banks to the RBI this year.

If you want to know whether your account is in this category or not, then go to the nearest branch of the bank and find out.

Apart from this, you can also get information about unclaimed accounts by visiting the website of the concerned bank.

Let us tell you that any such deposit in which no activity has been seen for ten years or more is on this list.