Let us know how you can buy iPhone 14 Pro Max for 18000 by adopting these easy tips.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Price:

An advertisement has been posted on Facebook Market Place from where you can finalize the deal for iPhone 14 Pro Max.

In this advertisement, it is claimed that the US stock is lying to the user, due to which such a cheap phone is being sold.

In this advertisement, iPhone 14 Pro Max worth 1.5 lakh is available for only 18 thousand. There was a rush among people to buy.

In the advertisement, it is claimed about the iPhone 14 Pro Max that this phone is completely original.

According to the advertisement, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is available in Delhi and Gurugram. You can also buy it easily.

You can also buy it by visiting the Gurugram location. Its full address is also given in the advertisement.

Pictures of the phone have also been shared in the advertisement given on Facebook Market Place. The username is Suraj Walia.

Let us tell you that anyone can post an advertisement on the Facebook Market Place. You do not need verification for this.

Disclaimer: Please verify before making any payment on Facebook Market Place. We are not responsible for the product.