Addentax Group Corp Stock Price

The stock of a small Chinese clothing maker has given a return of 13,000% in a single day.

After the listing of Addentax Group Corp on Nasdaq, its shares saw a surprising rise.

The share price of Chinese company Addentax Group Corp rose from $5 to $656.54 after listing.

In this way, the stock jumped by more than 13,000 percent. Those investing in this stock were surprised to see such a huge jump.

After this increase, Addentax Group Corp became the third largest company in the shares of the S&P 500 Index.

Shares of Addentax Group Corp fell 95 percent on Thursday the very next day and flew $19 billion in a single day.

The stock of this Chinese garment manufacturer has now fallen 95.43 percent or $626.54, once again at $30.

Even before this, such a boom has been seen in some Chinese companies. But later there was a similar decline.

A similar surge was seen in the shares of companies like AMTD Digital Inc. and Magic Empire Global Ltd. in Hong Kong and China.