Let us know what is the reason for the big rise in the shares of Adani Group.

Adani group Share Price Big Hike:

Adani's shares have climbed up to 90 percent since last week. Adani's market cap is also increasing rapidly.

Last week, the rally in the shares of Adani Group companies continued on the first day of this business week.

There are many factors behind this rise in Adani's shares, due to which the Adani group is slowly starting to stabilize.

Gautam Adani Group is going to repay the loan of about Rs 6500 crore by March 2023 by pledging its shares.

American stock investment firm GQG Partners has made major investments in four companies of Gautam Adani.

GQG Partners invests Rs 15446 crore in four companies of the Gautam Adani Group, boosting investor confidence.

The Adani group first held roadshows in Hong Kong and Singapore, followed by roadshows in the US, London, and Dubai.

The Adani group kept its word in front of the investors and was successful in winning the trust of its investors.

Due to these reasons, there was a tremendous jump in the shares of Adani, due to which the market cap of Adani also increased rapidly.