A Young Boy Becomes Millionaire

A 28-year-old youth became a millionaire by investing Rs 66 thousand in Cryptocurrency.

This is the story of Kaif Batty, who lives in London, the capital of Britain, who became a millionaire with very little money.

Kaif Batty used to work as a delivery boy on Amazon. Cryptocurrency made him a millionaire at a very young age.

Kaif Batty is only 28 years old. He used to invest in cryptocurrency by saving a little from his low salary.

He invested in cryptocurrency by saving about 65 thousand rupees. And his investment turned into crores.

Kaif Batty put all his savings of Rs 65000 in a crypto coin named Verge. It was a big gamble for him.

Slowly the price of Verge Crypto Coin started rising and Kaif's investment turned into Rs.28 lakhs.

He gathered more information about cryptocurrencies. Now he has made Rs 5 crore by investing in crypto.

At this time Kaif has shifted to Dubai. He owns a penthouse worth Rs 4 crore, while a car worth Rs 2 crore.