8th Pay Commission Latest News:

At this time the 8th Pay Commission is also being discussed in the country.

If the 8th Pay Commission is implemented then there will be a big jump in the salary of government employees.

The fitment factor plays a big role in determining the salary. There has been a demand to revise the fitment factor for a long time.

Based on the fitment factor, the revised basic pay is calculated from the old basic pay, and the new increment is decided.

According to sources, the minimum salary in the 8th Pay Commission may increase from Rs 18 thousand to Rs 26,000.

According to experts, it is possible to increase the basic salary by Rs 8000 when the 8th Pay Commission is implemented.

If you look at the previous trend of the Pay Commission, then it has been implemented every 8-10 years.

According to sources, there is still time for the 8th Pay Commission to come. Because Lok Sabha elections are to be held in 2024.

Therefore, the next pay commission will come and it will be considered applicable from January 1, 2026.